Dumpster Rental Pricing and You

If you are renovating a home or planning an extensive spring cleaning, renting a dumpster to remove the waste can be a great option. Dumpster rentals are often cost-effective solutions for people who do not have access to a truck or want to avoid making multiple trips to the dump. Local dumpster rental services are available nationwide, so find a reputable service near you.

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The factors affecting dumpster rental pricing are consistent nationwide, and the prices are consistent. The most important factor is the size of the dumpster, which generally ranges from 4 to 20 yards. A 4-yard dumpster costs $285 to $400 for a 5-to-7-day rental, while the 20-yard version costs $375 to $600. Your local dumpster service can help you choose the size you need.

The service costs more for a longer-term rental. Your location also affects pricing since the truck must come to your location for dropoff, pickup, and travel to the local landfill. Additional pricing factors include:

  • -The cost to dump at the local landfill.
    -The weight of waste material.
    -Excess weight charges.
    -The need for a dumpster cover.
  • The process is straightforward, but you should ensure you do not place hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, and some appliances in the dumpster. You must dispose of hazardous waste separately at locations prepared to handle it.


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