10 Home Improvements Your Chicago Home Likely Needs

Chicago is a wonderful place to live with many positive attributes. You will love the steady job market, array of dining establishments, and interesting neighborhoods. If you’re moving into a home, you’ll want to make some changes to personalize your environment and increase the value of it as well. It would help if you considered The following home improvements and why it’s a good idea to make them.

1. Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is one of the first home improvements you should consider upon moving into your Chicago home. There are many reasons to think about getting a new roof. Your home being more than 15 to 25 years old is one good reason, as most roofs are only built to last that long. So, your roof might look lovely and still need work or a full replacement.

You can improve the aesthetics by getting a roof with materials you can customize the way you want. Fiberglass and asphalt are easily customizable and can come in various colors. Thus, you might want to consider going in that direction.

Another reason to get a new roof is to prepare your home for inclement weather. Chicago does deal with tornado-causing weather and harsh rains that cause floods from time to time. So, it might be a good idea to prepare for such situations beforehand.

A reliable local roofing company can give you some suggestions for roofing materials and inspect your current roof to see if you can go without replacing the entire thing. You can get the opinion of at least two providers to ensure everyone agrees. Move forward with your project if more than one specialist suggests that you purchase a brand-new roof.

2. Fixing Plumbing Leaks

The next major home improvement to consider is your plumbing. There’s a risk that your home may have issues with the plumbing system if you’ve just purchased it from another homeowner. The wise move is to contact local plumbers and schedule an inspection immediately.

Plumbers are trained to see potential problems and existing issues that need plumbing service. Therefore, they will tell you immediately if you need a pipe replacement, leak-stopping service, sewer cleaning, drain clearing, or something else. It would be best to schedule the service early on so that you don’t have an unforeseen issue when you aren’t prepared for it.

You can use various methods to find a reputable plumber to consult with. The search engines can give you some starting points, or you can ask members of your community whom they’ve used for their plumbing inspections and repairs. Once you have a lengthy list written down, you can do your research and narrow your choices down to the provider who seems the most honorable and has a good reputation. Signs of a good reputation are many positive reviews and many years of successful service in the community.

3. Chimney Cleaning

You’ll need to consider hiring a cleaning company if you have a gorgeous fireplace and chimney in your Chicago home. A professional can come to your home and clean the chimney well enough to function like new. A multitude of benefits come with getting regular chimney cleaning. One advantage is that it gives your home the proper ventilation when burning your fires.

Chimney cleaning services also minimize the risk that your home will accumulate carbon-monoxide-containing elements, such as soot and ash. All your family members will be much safer if you have a chimney cleaning company perform that service regularly.

When searching for a chimney service provider, remember to enter the right terms into your search engine. Terms like ‘chimney sweep,’ ‘chimney cleaning,’ and just plain ‘chimney’ will work. You’ll also need to enter your Chicago area to find companies with offices near you.

The best way to evaluate a professional chimney sweep is to look at the reviews left by homeowners who have received their services. Happy customers will usually rave about the provider’s professionalism and quality of service. Use the star ratings and comments to select the best company.

4. Water Heater Replacement

It would be a good idea to add water heater repair to the home improvements when considering upgrading your Chicago home. A faulty water heater can cause you heaps of trouble and large expenses.

For instance, a leak can ruin your floors and invite mold and mildew into your home. A non-functional water heater can leave your family in the cold when it’s time for them to shower. You can also experience other issues, such as high energy bills.

It is probably best to address your water heater now instead of waiting and keeping your home vulnerable to the above-mentioned problems. Have someone perform an inspection immediately upon moving into the home. That way, you’ll know how to improve your home and its efficiency.

5. HVAC Upgrades

Your home improvements should include upgrades that increase efficiency and boost the air quality inside your house. You can make several changes to accomplish that goal. Changing your filters from standard filters to HEPA filters is one idea. It’s an inexpensive upgrade that will give the allergic people in your home better quality air.

You should change your filters every three to six months for the best effect.

You can also install some equipment that will improve the air. A new humidifier will add a bit of moisture to the air so that none of your family members get dry noses or have allergic nose bleeds. A dehumidifier will do the opposite if you have issues with too much humidity in your home. Air purifiers remove toxins and debris from the air and provide a more natural air element for those who spend most of their time inside the home. Contact a heating and air repair provider for more information about things you can do to your HVAC system to improve it.

6. Garage Door Maintenance

The garage door is something else you should consider if you’re deciding which home improvements to make. Most garage doors have been a part of the home for many years and need repairs, if not full-blown garage door replacement. These are some of the top garage door problems a contractor might find you to have:

Stuck Roller

A stuck roller is a common problem with garage doors. Sometimes, they become stuck because of a lack of lubrication. A professional can tend to it quickly by applying the right components.

Other times, the roller issues are much more serious. For example, they have rust or corrosion inside of them. In that case, it might be time to replace the entire door.

Remote Doesn’t Work

Many homeowners have issues with the remote part of a sophisticated garage door. That can happen for myriad reasons and can be simple or complex. Often, the remote needs batteries. The unit could have an electrical issue, such as a loose or frayed wire, too. That issue will be more difficult to fix, but it might still be doable.

Off Track

Another common problem is that the door gets off the Track. That might happen because something jams it off Track or someone mishandles it. A specialist can fix that problem relatively easily as well.

Snapped Cables

Cables sometimes snap because of a bit too much pressure, but a garage specialist can fix that problem as well.

You’ll need to grab hold of a good garage door replacement specialist in your area. Use the normal methods to find a few providers and visit their websites. A good company will be very transparent and have pictures of some of their garage doors on their website. Select the provider that seems the most trustworthy and capable of doing an excellent job.

7. New Windows

Another one of the common home improvements to think about is the windows. Look around and see if the windows in your home are what you imagined when you envisioned your dream home. Check to see if they keep your home secure and are insulated enough to keep your electricity bills as low as you want. If not, you can contact a window contractor to do some things for you.

They can do window treatments to seal the cracks and crevices in the windows if you’re losing or gaining air you don’t want. Those treatments can also keep bugs and other pests out of your home, so it might be time for you to consider them.

An experienced contractor can install brand-new windows if you’d rather go that route. You can choose an elegant style or a convenient setup. Alternatively, you can ask the contractor about installing security windows if you live in a tricky neighborhood. Security windows have varying degrees of strength and complexity, with the safest ones having actual bars on them.

8. Landscaping

It’s normal to want to beautify your landscaping when you move into a new home. That’s why irrigation services are on the list of home improvements you can make. You can do a lot with your yard. You can have the professionals install irrigation equipment to keep your lawn nourished at all times. You can also hire landscapers and tree care providers to take care of unkempt trees. Furthermore, you can have them install some hardscapes if you’re interested. Hardscapes are green landscaping works with the addition of a hard item. An example of a hardscaping element is a yard statue surrounded by well-cut grass and trimmed hedges.

The best strategy is to think of something unique and have your contractor create that vision for you. You will be in sync with a seasoned landscaping company and be able to create something wonderful together. You’ll also be happy with the result because it will make your house feel like a home.

9. A New Fence

Another one of the popular home improvements is the installation of a fence. Adding one is a great idea in several situations. For one, it’s a good idea if you have no fence at all. A nice fence can be visually appealing and help to create the picture of a perfect family home.

Alternatively, you might want to set up a fence for security reasons. In that case, a sturdy private fence will do the trick and keep other people from seeing what’s going on on your side of the lawn. It can also deter people from committing burglaries.

A third reason to get a fence is if you have small children or pets. A good fence will keep your pets and children safe in your yard where they should be. You can start your project by calling fence installers in your area. They can sit with you and look at your yard to make suggestions. You can then plan this amazing renovation to make a huge difference in your family’s life.

10. A Backyard Pool

The last thing to consider for a home improvement is a backyard pool. It’s something to think about if your new Chicago home still needs one. You and your family members could celebrate the summer holidays in your pool while you have a barbecue on the patio. You could also use the pool as a way for you and your family members to rest up after a hard day’s work. Adding a pool can also raise the value of your home when you get ready to sell it to a lucky buyer.

You can choose from a wealth of pool styles, from inground pools to magnificent outground pools. You’ll be able to customize your pool any way you desire. The first step to get started is to contact a pool installation company and tell them what you see in your vision. They’ll tell you what’s available, and you’ll choose the look, size, and feel that fits your imagination.

Consider doing one or all of the above-mentioned home improvements. You can make your new home yours by making those changes; your visitors will love them as much as you do. Contractors are ready to start helping you create your dream home today.

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