Does My Chicago Home Need a New Roof?

They call Chicago the windy city, and for good reason. Besides wind, you can expect cold winters, heavy snow, ample rain, and other weather conditions that can slowly grind down your roof and home. The day will come when you will need a new roof. Not sure when that might be? There are some tell-tale signs you can watch out for.

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Among the most obvious signs that a roof may be nearing its end of life are curling shingles. A few curling shingles may not be a major deal and you may be able to simply replace the affected ones. However, if lots of shingles are starting to curl, you may need to replace the roof on your Chicago home. Cracked shingles and bald spots are also something to watch for.

Another common problem is excessive mold or moss growth. If mold and moss are taking root, you may be able to clean it out. However, your roof might also simply be getting too old, making it susceptible.

Many roofs will have to be replaced after about twenty years. However, some may last longer, while some may break down prematurely. It’s smart to contact roofers to schedule periodic roof inspections. Often, if problems are caught early, they can be mitigated without a full replacement. If a roof does need to be replaced, the sooner, the better.


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