The Basics of Sump Pump Systems for Chicago Homeowners

Like homeowners across the country, understanding sump pumps may seem challenging for Chicago homeowners. In their YouTube video entitled, “How Your Sump Pump System Works,” The Sump Pump Company explains the system. A narrator describes each component in the system.

Drain Tiles

The video first explains drain tiles. Drain tiles are buried next to the home’s foundation.

Video Source

These pipes have holes in them. When groundwater builds up, as it does in moist Chicago soil, it flows into those holes to prevent water from flooding the house.

After the drain tiles, water travels to the sump pump. Water builds inside the pump until it reaches a designated level. Once the water reaches that level, the primary sump pump uses electrical power to push the water outside.

Back-Up System

In addition to the primary sump pump, there’s a backup pump. This pump begins removing water if the power in your home fails. This secondary pump also begins working if the primary pump becomes clogged. If the sump pump stops working, you will need to call a company that provides sump pump replacement services.

The sump pump system may seem complicated, but it’s simple. Each component has its function, and the water flow runs smoothly. Chicago’s homeowners trying to understand their plumbing system will find this video helpful.


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