Choosing Propane Gas vs. Home Generator

Considering a power generator for your home, cabin, or other property? You’ll find that you have many choices. Power grids often get knocked offline and some people live away from the grid. Fortunately, with the right gas or propane generator, you can enjoy steady access to power practically anywhere, especially if there is a gas or propane delivery service serving your community. However, deciding between these two types of generators can be stressful.

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First, if you already have propane installed on your property, that makes the choice a bit simpler: you’re probably better off with a propane generator. If not, a gas generator may be a bit easier to set up. Most folks use gasoline for cars, lawnmowers, and other things, and nearly every community will have access to a gas station.

There are some downsides with gas generators, however. Importantly, gas has a surprisingly short shelf-life and may last only about six months. There are some stabilizers you can buy to extend the shelf-life. Still, propane typically lasts longer, which may make owning a propane generator a bit easier.

One major factor to consider is how easily accessible gasoline and propane are in your area, especially during an emergency. If a blizzard has struck or is approaching, will you be able to access gasoline or propane? You’ll want to have steady access to the needed fuel source in case your personal stocks run out. It’s smart to look for a gas or propane delivery service nearby.


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