Smartly Storing Parts From a Bolt and Nut Supplier

After you’ve made a big purchase from your local bolt and nut supplier, you may be thinking about how to store them. After all, nobody likes searching through a pile of random parts for what they need. It’s nice to have an organized system so you can always easily find what you need.

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Although it’s a popular choice to put each type of part into individual bins, there are some problems with this method. At some point, you’ll accrue many types of parts, meaning you’ll have to keep buying more containers over time. There is a simpler, unexpected way to organize your parts.

Instead of spending a lot of money on bins for small parts like nuts, bolts, and screws, you can simply keep them in the box. After all, the box was made to hold the parts, so why not continue to use it for this purpose? There is also convenient labeling about the size and type of part printed on the box, cutting out the tedious process of labeling them by hand.

If you want to take full advantage of this method, get yourself a nice, long shelf to store all your boxes. Organize them in a smart way, like by type and size, so you can find them easily. You’ll be glad you chose this simple organization option instead of chasing the never-ending task of buying more and more bins for your parts.

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