How to Get an Estimate For Foundation Repairs

If you need foundation repair services, check out this reliable video where a content creator is sharing her experience with foundation repairs and the hidden fees you may experience. Even though you’re getting estimates from a reliable company, things can happen to cause the actual price to be even higher.

So, why is there such a difference between the estimate and the final bill? The main reason is the extent of the damage not being visible to your contractors, such as dry rot. It won’t be noticed until the beam is crushed, so the workers can safely remove it.

Video Source

Another is the lack of footing around the house. Until you dig into the ground to see how deep the cement went, you’re not sure what you’re working with. This type of work could easily run $1,500. You can dig into the dirt small enough to see how far it goes out on either side and how far down it goes. 

Getting estimates is essential when doing repairs, but it’s always advised to plan on project creep. Consider other additional costs, like labor for siding replacement and plumbing fees if additional work goes into replacing the hose fib. This allows you to see what you’re working with, so there are no surprises with the estimates.


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