Septic System 101 Everything You Need to Know

Installing a septic system can be a big job. It’s vital for managing waste in places without a city sewer system. Before you start digging, plan your project. Check local regulations and get any necessary permits. You might need a professional to help with the design.

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Pick a spot away from wells, streams, and houses.

The area must be big enough for the tank and drain field. Dig a hole for the septic tank. The size depends on the tank you choose. Also, dig long and level trenches for the drain field. Place the tank in the hole. Connect the tank to the house’s plumbing system. It usually works with a pipe that leads from the house to the tank.

Connect pipes from the tank to the drain field. These pipes will carry the wastewater from the tank to the drain field. Slope them slightly to allow gravity to move the water. Fill the trenches with gravel. Lay perforated pipes on top of the gravel. They’ll spread the water evenly along the drain field. Cover the pipes with more gravel and then with soil.

Before you finish, have an inspector check your work. That ensures everything meets local codes. Test the septic system pumping by running water through it. Once everything is approved, cover the tank and drain the field with soil. Mark the location of the tank and pipes in case you need to access them later.

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