Your Guide to Building a Backyard Swimming Pool

Building a backyard swimming pool can be one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner or anyone involved in real estate. When you are thinking of building a backyard swimming pool, you’ll want to do a bit of planning ahead of time to ensure you make the right decisions every step of the way. From determining what type of pool you’ll be installing to calculating monthly maintenance costs, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of managing a pool before investing in one yourself.

Creating a Vision for Your Swimming Pool

If you intend to move forward with your project of building a backyard swimming pool, you’ll want to first create a vision for the pool itself. Consider what type of pools you’re interested in, such as fiberglass swimming pools, inground pools, or even standard above-ground residential swimming pools. Take your time when researching and comparing pool types, costs, and sizes to help with making your decision.

You should also consider how you intend to use your backyard swimming pool and how much it will be accessible to those in your household year-round. In some climates, swimming pools can be maintained and used year-round, which may justify a larger investment or using more space in your yard. You will also want to consider if you’ll be using the swimming pool for workout or recreational purposes to help find a model and design that’s perfect for your needs.

Plan Materials and Expenses Ahead of Time

Whether you’re investing in a swimming pool for yourself, your guests, or the children in your home, you’ll want to plan for materials and expenses ahead of time. Whether you’re building a backyard swimming pool to increase your home’s curbside appeal and value or if you intend to use the pool regularly, you’ll need to know all that’s involved in the process of building a suitable swimming pool environment outdoors. From shopping for a pool umbrella to seeking pool filter repair specialists, you will need to consider all potential expenses, repairs, and investments you’ll be making when you’re adding any type of swimming pool to your own yard.

If you’re completely new to owning a swimming pool of any kind, you can also learn more about swimming pool manufacturers, companies, and materials ahead of time to feel more informed when it’s time to make a purchase. Visit local swimming pool supply stores, research manufacturers online, and compare prices before placing in order to ensure you’re only investing in high-quality items or solutions. Taking some time to research pool materials before you make a hefty investment may also provide you with peace of mind, especially if you’re investing in a backyard swimming pool for the first time.

Finding the Right Installation Expert

Regardless of the type of swimming pool you’re interested in for your yard, it’s best to hire a professional pool installer to get the job done right. Working with a pool installation expert is not only a way to streamline and expedite the installation process, saving you from unnecessary headaches, but it’s also a way to guarantee the installation goes smoothly and is completed properly. Professional pool installation companies are not only timely but also licensed and insured, offering guarantees to clients anytime they install a brand-new swimming pool.

If you’re determined to hire professionals who are not only experienced but legally licensed to work on residential properties, you’ll want to ask for proof of a business license and insurance before you allow anyone to work in or around your property. Validating insurance and licensing can help protect your investment. You should also inquire about work warranties or guarantees before settling on an installation expert or company to help with the process of installing any type of swimming pool in your yard.

Shop Around Locally and Online

When you’re a homeowner pondering the idea of building a backyard swimming pool, you will want to shop around both locally and online to find the best deals possible. Whether you’re seeking a small personal swimming pool for working out and staying fit, or if you’re interested in a family-sized pool that’s ideal for an existing deck you have in place, it’s important to consider all your options before settling on a pool style, structure, and design that works for you.

While you’re shopping around for different pool suppliers and manufacturers, it’s also recommended to find reviews and testimonials from verified users to ensure the pool you go with is guaranteed and made from high-quality materials. When you’re familiar with popular brands and swimming pool manufacturers, it’ll also be much easier for you to feel confident while making a decision. If you’re familiar with the swimming pool manufacturing market and current prices, you’ll also be less likely to overpay for the type of swimming pool and accessories you’re interested in.

Find a Professional Deck-Building Company or Contractor

Planning on building a backyard swimming pool may also require investing in a surrounding patio or, in some cases, even a brand-new deck. If you’re interested in a multi-level deck or a single-level deck, you’ll want to work with professional composite deck builders near you to ensure the installation is completed properly. Whether you’re interested in composite metal decking or traditional wood decking, you can find a deck-building company or contractor with local referrals and by reviewing completed projects, portfolios, and company websites online.

Hiring a deck contractor or company will require you to take a bit of time to verify previous projects, licensing, and insurance. This is crucial to protect your investment and surrounding property as a homeowner. Choose a deck builder or company that specializes in the installation of the type of deck you’ve already envisioned for your yard for the best results.

Invest in a Deck Coating Service

After you’ve built your new deck to go along with your swimming pool, you’ll also need to know how to maintain your deck if you want it to remain in usable condition. When it comes to maintaining a deck, you’ll likely need to stain or coat the deck annually or at least once every two years, depending on the climate or region you live in and how much traffic your deck receives throughout the year. If you’re new to maintaining a deck that surrounds a pool, you can seek a professional pool deck coating service to preserve your deck for years to come.

Deck coating solutions can be routinely scheduled when you need them most or every year, depending on the needs of your particular deck’s materials. When you’re working with professionals who specialize in deck coating solutions, you can also compare different products, prices, and methods of staining that can help you with minor repairs and touch-ups in the future. Working with a deck coating expert is also a way to streamline the process so you can spend more time tending to important projects around the home and in your yard.

Prevent Pest Infestations

Anytime you’re building a swimming pool in your yard, you’ll need to consider the potential risks of a pest infestation. Pest infestation risks will vary based on your location, prominent insects in the area, and the time of year you’re handling the pest control in your yard. If you’re new to dealing with potential pest infestations, seeking a local insect removal contractor or a pest control company is highly recommended.

Pest infestations are much more likely when there is water near an area. This includes installing a backyard swimming pool, which is also why it’s advisable to consider investing in a pool cover to keep pests and mosquitoes at bay, especially when your pool’s no longer in use. Protecting your yard from pest infestations is much easier to do once you’re familiar with the potential risks that are most common in your area.

Working with a pest control company or contractor is a way for you to ensure you’re on the right track to protecting your yard from wasps, bees, hornets, spiders, rodents, mosquitoes, ants, and many more. When you’re working with a pest control company, it’s also much easier to learn more about the common insects and pests that are most likely to invade your yard, based on your location and the region you’re in. A pest control expert will walk you through prevention methods, trap solutions, and even various sprays that are on the market that may be of assistance to you.

Tend to Your Landscaping

Even if you’re interested in building or installing a swimming pool in your yard, you’ll want to tend to your property’s landscaping before you get started. From traditional landscaping solutions to lawn fertilization and tree removal services, there are many different ways you can tend to the landscaping in your yard before you move forward with the process of purchasing and installing a new swimming pool. Assessing your yard’s current appearance and needs can help you determine what type of supplies you’ll need and if you’ll need to work with a professional landscaper to get the job done, especially if you have a schedule in place to install your yard’s new pool.

Cutting your lawn, removing dead trees and bushes, and even creating pathways, apartments, and decks can help with creating the look and feel you’re going for in your yard before you install your new swimming pool. Whether you’re thinking of investing in an above-ground pool or you have a vision of a custom inground pool, it’s important to think about the surroundings of your pool and throughout your yard ahead of time. When you have established a vision for the landscaping you desire in your backyard, it’s also much easier to find suitable landscapers who are well-versed in the same type of environment.

Consider Routine Pool Maintenance Services

Even after you’ve completed the process of building a backyard swimming pool, you’ll need to tend to the pool’s required maintenance if you want to keep your pool in operation. Maintaining a swimming pool can include testing for PH levels, adding chemicals, and ensuring the water is chlorinated yet safe to swim in. If you’re unfamiliar with swimming pool maintenance but you want to ensure your swimming pool is taken care of, especially during peak times of the year, you can do so by working with a pool maintenance contractor or company near you.

Swimming pool experts and maintenance specialists are not just experienced at maintaining outdoor swimming pools, but they’re also well-versed in various testing kits, tools, and supplies necessary to keep a swimming pool up and running at all times. Working with a professional who specializes in swimming pool services and maintenance can also help you learn more about the various chemicals involved in the process and the testing necessary to ensure safe swimming water. Asking questions is another way to learn more about how to go about testing the water on your own, even when a maintenance contractor or company is unavailable.

Finding a maintenance provider is possible by asking those you know near you who own swimming pools for personal recommendations and referrals, especially if they have similar pools as your own. You can also compare different maintenance providers locally by visiting swimming pool stores and suppliers in person, depending on your location. If you want to learn even more about swimming pool maintenance experts near you, it’s possible to do so from home or online with your smartphone.

Browsing for and comparing maintenance providers near you online is possible with social media pages, official websites, search engines, and trusted business directories you’re familiar with locally. You can find reviews, testimonials, and thorough portfolios of providers online. This can save time and help you find a trusted professional who is reputable, licensed, and credible to provide the pool maintenance you need.

Anytime you’re thinking of building a backyard swimming pool, using a guide can go a long way to save money and prevent investing in the wrong type of pool. The more familiar you are with the process of building a backyard swimming pool, the easier it’ll be for you to seek pool materials and designs that align with your vision. When you’re prepared for the process of building a backyard pool, you can streamline the entire process with the right professional help by your side.

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