Top Regular Furnace Repair Tips

If there’s an appliance that’s critical to a home, it’s a furnace. And yet it’s one of those that are predisposed to breakdowns and malfunction. Luckily, this video from Repair Clinic is dedicated to fixing stuff, such as furnace repair. It also references the company’s website, repairclinic.

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com, which features numerous parts to help clients repair their faulty furnaces.

One requires an efficient maintenance strategy to keep their furnace working. One of the most common causes of a malfunctioning or an underperforming furnace is the air filter. This must be replaced at least twice yearly to avoid high energy bills. When they’re faulty, the furnace blower system overworks, restricting airflow, and potentially precipitating premature component failure.

The solution is to clean the furnace’s interior every year. Hiring expert vent cleaners to deep clean the ducts once in a while is also recommended. To keep the air in a home clean, the registers and vents must be unobstructed. Besides, it’s essential to ventilate the area around the furnace. Leaving some space below the door or covering it allows sufficient airflow.

One should switch off the thermostat before the start of the cold season to keep it working efficiently. Checking the ducts for air leaks and sealing the holes around a home’s exterior are other helpful measures. Apart from adequately caulking the windows, additional adequate weather stripping also helps.

Repair Clinic stresses that one must prioritize safety during repairs, such as switching off the furnace’s power supply and keeping all flammables away from the furnace and water heaters. They also recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector near the bedrooms.


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