The Process and Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling removal may seem like a complicated job, but a closer look at the process helps simplify things.

Start by spraying soap across the ceiling. This helps loosen the drywall. If you are working on an older home, be sure to use an asbestos test kit before getting started.

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This ensures that you won’t get sick by working on a potential hazard.

Start scrapping once the texture becomes wet enough. You may notice how easily the texture slides off. Soaking the ceiling also eliminates dust residue while you’re scrapping. You’ll need a smaller knife to cut corners.

You can start coating once the texture has been completely removed. The thick coating prevents the roof from eroding or suffering damage. Many homeowners opt for sandpaper once they’ve finished coating.

You can use a broom to catch any excess dust or debris during the process. You may notice a couple of voids or missed spots that you can simply fill in. Filling in those gaps prevents excess moisture buildup.

Many contractors recommend using a sanding sponge to help while finishing up. The goal is to ensure that the ceiling is as smooth as possible.

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