Tools Used by Carpet Cleaning Companies

If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning a carpet yourself, look to the professionals. Carpet cleaning companies rely on a range of specialized tools to clean and maintain carpets. These tools are designed to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, restoring the carpet’s appearance.

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Carpet extractors have rotating brushes that agitate the carpet fibers while spraying water and extracting the dirt and debris. Carpet cleaning wands are handheld tools attached to the carpet extractor. They have a wide cleaning head with bristles or jets that distribute the cleaning solution and agitate the carpet.

Carpet rakes are used to groom and fluff up the carpet fibers after cleaning. They help to remove any remaining debris, redistribute the carpet pile, and enhance the appearance of the carpet. Carpet rakes also aid in drying the carpet by improving airflow and reducing drying time.

Spot cleaning tools, such as carpet spotting machines or portable carpet cleaners, are used to treat and remove stains or spots. These tools are compact and allow for targeted cleaning in small areas, ensuring tough stains are treated without damaging the surrounding carpet. Carpet brushes are used for manual scrubbing and agitation of carpets, especially in heavily soiled or high-traffic areas.

Carpet cleaning companies rely on these specialized tools to deliver efficient and thorough carpet cleaning services. Whether it’s deep cleaning, spot treatment, or drying, these tools help professionals achieve optimal results and maintain the cleanliness and longevity of carpets. You’ll be glad you hired a professional team with the right tools for the job.


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