Tips for DIY Garage Door Service

Performing DIY garage door service can help keep your door in good working condition and save you money. Conduct routine inspections of your garage door to identify any issues. Check for loose bolts or screws, worn-out cables, damaged rollers, or misaligned tracks. Address problems promptly to prevent further damage.

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Proper lubrication is essential for the smooth operation of your garage door. Apply a silicone-based lubricant to the hinges, rollers, springs, and tracks. This helps reduce friction, prevents wear and tear, and extends the lifespan of your door.

A well-balanced and aligned garage door is crucial for optimal performance. To check the balance, disconnect the opener and manually lift the door halfway. If it stays in place, it’s balanced. If it falls or rises, adjust the tension of the springs accordingly. Test the safety features of your door, including the auto-reverse mechanism. Place a small object in the door’s path and close it. If the door doesn’t reverse immediately upon contact with the object, the safety sensors may need adjustment or replacement.

Homeowners can do minor maintenance tasks, but certain garage door repairs should be left to professionals. Complicated issues like spring replacement or motor repairs require specialized knowledge and tools. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable with a repair, it’s best to call a reputable garage door service company.

With these tips, you can maintain your garage door’s functionality and prevent potential problems. But prioritize your safety and consult a professional.


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